Want to renew the atmosphere in the bathroom? Why not tile it?

The bathroom is where we get cleaned, relaxed and enter a calm and pleasant atmosphere.

Therefore, it is one of the most important rooms in the house.

If you are renovating, do not compromise!

Bathroom remodeling is something you do once for many years ahead. Each element you like and you are giving it up today to reach a compromise it will accompany you throughout the years, it is better not to spend the money in the first place. In this respect it is important to hire the right professional, who knows to flow with your project, and also to let you know when to break, how far to go, and draw you to the reality as it is.

Today, the great revolution in the field of tiles also came into the bathroom and no longer have to settle for ceramic tiles for bathroom outdated and boring. Advanced and modern designs of bathroom tiles allowing each and every one of us to give the bathroom a modern & luxurious look.

Thanks to the wide variety in the market tiling the bathroom can be adapted to the type of tile in our personal taste and the overall style of the bathroom itself. The rapidly expanding design of the most popular styles of bathroom tiles include colored tiles, tiles with different prints, engraved tiles and much more the options are endless.



When you enter into a new house, what would be the first thing you look at?

Tile flooring

Tile flooring in your home, is one of the most important design elements and the world’s most significant in housing design. The best interior designers already know the unique atmosphere and the personal character of each room which depend on the chosen flooring. Tile flooring now has many options that include design styles, fashions, trends and innovations. There is a large selection of colors, sizes, styles and materials to suit each to taste, budget and personal preferences.

Tile installation

Handymen can do many kinds of work but when it comes to the work of the flooring, make sure the professional is a tile installer and knows the field closely, floor installation is a job that requires not only experience and perfectionism, but also knowledge and talent
Whether you have a small house or a big house, laying tiles should be done very gently & precision


Granite Counter Tops & Backsplash

Dreaming of a renewed kitchen? Find out all about granite work

What׳s most important

Kitchen counters are used for convenient work surface. It should he be strong and scratch-resistant knives for example, you could put on it hot pots and pans that are not yet completely cooled, it is easy to clean without too many accessories or expensive cleaning products. For that matter you will need to make sure that you purchase good quality and not cheap imitation which will quickly be destroyed and not survive the ongoing work in the kitchen.
But not only the functionality is important, but also the appearance. The kitchen is very central part of the house, usually visible constantly before your eyes and the eyes of the guests and always fun and nice to see bright kitchen with beautiful colors. It is recommended to match the granite marble to the kitchen cabinets also, to the wall color and overall appearance of the room.

Spend much time cooking...?

You must be aware of the need it to be comfortable, clean and beautiful appearance, buy modern equipment and upgrade the quality of your cooking, and you can also upgrade your kitchen into something truly unique and pleasant with new granite, marble counter tops.
Any purchase of something serious requires some expertise in the field. Therefore you should know as much as possible about the different types of granite, marble, how to assemble them and at an attractive price, not at the expense of quality of course.


Wood Floors / Laminate

Looking for beautiful and strong flooring? All about porcelain-lookalike wood flooring

Looking for beautiful and strong flooring..?

Today’s laminate puts the style in lifestyle. Not only is it aesthetically appealing, but there are countless looks and textures to choose from. Whether you prefer the appearance of wood, slate or tile, laminate makes any room pop at an affordable price.
You always thought laminate floor is ideal for your house but you afraid to its fate? What if we told you that you can get a floor that will be durable and will survive for a long time and to have the warm wood look? Discover this: porcelain-lookalike wood flooring.

Perfect combination

Hardwood floors are timeless and add a beautiful, elegant, natural element to any home. In addition, they add value to your home and are popular in the resale home market. Advances in technology have led to our hardwood floors looking better, lasting longer, its natural colors blend with the decor of any room.
Hardwood floors can be re-finished to hide damage such as gouges


Preparation & Installation

Without proper preparation, the floor could crack and buckle!

Pay attention

Whether you install tile over a slab, plywood subfloor or directly over an existing floor, you should always make sure the surface has been cleaned.
Installing tile or natural stone tile requires care and skills. Successful tiling jobs are a direct result of good planning and a methodical approach. We use the best quality of rough materials and take the necessary time to do the right amount of prep work before we began.

Most important step

The most important step of a tile floor installation and bathroom walls is prepping the subfloor and walls before placing any type of material. Without proper preparation, the floor could crack and buckle, particularly in shower installation waterproofing preparation is vital due to the constant moister over the years.
Cracks in the slab mean you will get problems later down the road if you don’t do anything about it. All cracks after demolition need to be repaired prior to the installation.


Fireplace B.B.Q

From earliest times men have gathered around the open fire for warmth and fellowship; even now we

find no real substitute for the cheer of burning logs.

Fireplace Makeovers

Fireplace is designed to serve a number of purposes. Despite their ability to heat an area and provide a comfortable living environment, it also offer a decorative value to the rooms in your home. There are a number of fireplace designs to choose from in order to warm up the look of your home.

There are a number of factors which can affect the overall look of your fireplace including the material you choose, the type of fireplace mantel, and the type of fireplace in general. These features will have a great impact on the appearance of your fireplace or wood stove.

See how tiles/marble/granite with distinctive shapes and patterns can bring a whole new look to the hearth.


A BBQ island for your backyard is a wonderful compliment to your backyard parties and entertaining.

There are many options available for an outdoor BBQ countertop granite, porcelain, marble, travertine tile, slate tile and even smooth stone pavers are sometimes used.

Tile/Stone is a versatile material to help make your outdoor barbecue area a real focal point. You can use raw and tumbled materials such as slate for a rustic appearance, or slick and smooth marble, granite tiles to coordinate with a modern-looking outdoor grilling area. Tile is relatively inexpensive, so you can play around and experiment with different tiles, colors and textures to make your barbecue area look as good as the food you grill.


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